Officer, Deputy Injured While Arresting Battery Suspect

A Fond du Lac Police Officer and a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Deputy are recovering after being injured while trying to take a battery suspect into custody. Just before 10:30pm Wednesday night, the deputy stopped the suspect vehicle in an effort to detain him until city officers arrived. The 32-year old Portage man then punched the deputy in the face several times before striking another responding officer. 

Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says “both the officer and our deputy had numerous head and facial injuries
but thankfully with the use of a taser, they were able to subdue the suspect
and get him handcuffed and in custody. And then both officers were transported
to St. Agnes for treatment. Thankfully both
were released from the hospital, but pretty sore and pretty banged up.”

Waldschmidt adds that the suspect would have been “arrested for those initial charges in the initial incident, but now he’s facing some pretty serious felony charges – potentially – he hasn’t been charged yet. But he’s being referred on charges and was arrested for numerous charges related to battery and resisting related to law enforcement.”

The officer was treated at St. Agnes for a broken elbow and facial injuries – while the deputy was also taken in for head and facial injuries. The suspect faces charges including strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct, and intimidation of a victim for the earlier incident. He was also wanted on two outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest.