Officer Served Suspension For Accident Between FDL Police Squad Cars

One of the two Fond du Lac Police
officers involved in a crash between squad cars responding to a call for help
from other officers received an unpaid suspension. The State Patrol
investigated the accident and the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office
determined no criminal charges were warranted for Officers Melissa Sprangers
and Kristen Kachelmeier. Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says
the department did its own administrative review and found Sprangers was not
acting within the scope of established department policies and state law. The
two squads crashed at the intersection of Macy Street and Western Avenue. Both officers suffered
injuries in the crash. Officer Sprangers suffered a broken collarbone and
Officer Kachelmeier suffered a head injury with a concussion and an arm injury.
Lights at the intersection were changing as the officers approached from the
two different streets. Officer Kachelmeier had a red light that was turning
green. Meanwhile Officer Sprangers had a green light that turned yellow and
then red. Both officers have since recovered from their injuries and returned
to duty.