Officer Suspected Of Crime Spree Resigning

The Waupun Police and Fire Commission Thursday will take up the resignation of Lieutenant Bradley Young, the officer suspected of going on a crime spree earlier this month. Young has been charged in Green Lake County where he is accused of three burglaries and stealing a car. He is facing charges in Barron County for allegedly stealing a car and leading police on a high speed chase. Charges are pending in Burnett County where he allegedly broke into a cabin west of Spooner and was eventually captured. He also allegedly admitted to breaking into the Piggly Wiggly Store in Waupun, a crime that likely launched the crime spree on August 4th or 5th. Young is a 22 year veteran of the Waupun Police Department and is on administrative leave. The Waupun PFC meeting is at 4:30 Thursday afternoon at the Waupun Safety Building at 16 East Main Street.