One Final Council Meeting For President Kay Miller

She will gavel in and out one final time tonight as President of the Fond du Lac City Council.

After six years on council, Kay Miller will call the Council Meeting to order one last time.

Miller tells KFIZ News she didn’t let early election losses stop her.

“Actually, I ran for County Board two years prior, and didn’t make it. For whatever reason, I went up against Marty Ryan, and lost miserably. And then I ran for City Council after than, and just came shy of winning. But I didn’t let that deter me.”

She said her interest in how things worked internally, at the local level, drove her to get involved.

“I was really intrigued about how the city runs. How and why do we pay taxes? And why does it go up? Why does it go down? Who gets the piece of the pie?”

Miller also says there a couple of accomplishments that have been achieved for the city and its residents over the past six years that stick out in her mind.

‘Probably one and two would be, we spent about 3 years getting the Public Safety Training Center open. That was such a great accomplishment for Fond du Lac. Then the other part to that puzzle was the Public Safety Referendum.”

Other councilmembers exiting tonight include Ben Giles, Arletta Allen and Donna Richards.

Council is set to meet at 6 pm.