Only 4 Days Left In 2020 Sturgeon Season

The 12th day of the 2020 sturgeon spearing season is in the books, with just 4 days left. 29 fish were harvested Wednesday with 23 coming from Lake Winnebago and 6 from the Upriver Lakes.  

The registration station at Jim and Linda’s once again paced the way today with 8 fish registered. Of the 6 fish registered on the Upriver Lakes today, 5 were registered at Critter’s. A detailed breakdown of today’s harvest is available through the following link:

Day 12 Harvest Report.pdf

The largest fish of the day was 77.6 pounds, 65.5 inches and registered at Payne’s Point by Tyler Auclair. Dennis Korn registered his 76.6 pound, 66.0 inch lake sturgeon at Critter’s, and was the largest sturgeon taken from the Upriver Lakes today.  Look for cold temps on the ice Thursday, and then a rise in the mid-30’s with 40 expected for the Sunday finish.