Opioid Deaths In FDL County Hit Double Digits Last Year

The number of opioid-related deaths in Fond du Lac County last year nearly doubled from the previous year.  County Medical Examiner Dr. Douglas Kelley gave the County Board his annual report this week. Kelley told the board the number of opioid-related deaths increased to 16 in 2015 from 9 in the two previous years. He says four of the deaths were due to heroin overdoses and 12 were due to multi-drug toxicity. He says a number of agencies in the County have taken a pro-active approach to the problem and getting the message out to residents is one way of doing something about it. He says his office will continue to be involved in monitoring the problem and participating in task forces that are doing something about it. County Supervisor Dean Will, a retired Sheriff’s Captain, posed questions to Kelley about the opioid deaths.