Opioid Treatment And Intervention Important

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says the opioid abuse problem won’t go away, but he believes some progress is being made. He says they are using Vivitrol in the County Jail to treat people with opioid addictions. It helps control craving for drugs and alcohol. He says in combination with treatment programs that might help users avoid relapsing and committing more serious crimes. Monday Governor Walker signed four bills into law that grew out of the Heroin Opiate Prevention and Education agenda. Three of those bills have to do with treating addicts. Toney says making more treatment available is a good thing.  He says anything that can help addicts may also help reduce crimes they commit that affects others. Toney says it is also important for parents to be vigilant and if they find drug paraphernalia among their children’s possessions to intervene. He says you may not want to get them into to trouble with the law, but you could be saving their life. (Pictured Governor Walker signing HOPE legislation in Green Bay Monday).