Opposition To FDL County Highway V Roundabout

A Mayville woman spoke to the Fond du Lac City Council this week about a proposed roundabout for Fond du Lac County Highway V/National Avenue/ Fond du Lac Avenue and Rienzi Road intersection. Donna Kamruth and the Fond du Lac Lioness Club use the Knight of Columbus Hall and American Legion Post to stage charity dances. She’s worried that putting in a roundabout will affect those events. She says, “Let’s make Fond du Lac a welcome pad, not a prison going through roundabouts. People do not like roundabouts, semis don’t like roundabouts, dump trucks don’t like it. It slows them up, slows them down. Put up a stop light, stop signs.” Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says they will talk about the County Highway V project at the Council’s June 13th meeting. He says, “If it is helpful we can shoot for the first meeting in June, which is June 13th and so if people are watching and they are interested why don’t we shoot for that and we will try and get the word out if that should be delayed for some reason, but for now will just have that kind of be a moving target of June 13th for us to present an update on Highway V.” Kamrath says the K.C. Hall supports more than 30 local charities. The County Highway V project won’t begin until 2020.