Opposition To Method Of Funding Fruth Field Improvements

A couple people spoke during this week’s Fond du Lac School Board meeting against the way the school district may fund $2 million in improvements to Fruth Field. Dawn Kuhnz is the PTO secretary at Waters Elementary and a teacher at Fondy Central. She said you probably won’t find bigger Fondy Cardinal fans than her and her husband, but she voiced concerns about using money from the district’s fund balance to pay for Fruth improvements until donations come in. District Superintendent Jim Sebert says they want commitments to fund the project before they consider using any money from the fund balance. He says once they have those pledges and firm commitments they would then ask for permission from the school board to use the fund balance to start the project. He says they would like to start the project this summer, but that depends on how much they have pledged toward the project by then. Retired Theisen Middle School teacher Ted Eischeid also spoke out against the project.