Opposition To Sex Offender Placement In Town Of Eldorado

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says the state is once again taking a look at a Town of Eldorado residence as a possible site for placement of a dangerous sex offender. Opposition last year led to the state looking elsewhere to place Milwaukee County sex offender Clint Rhymes. This time the state is looking for a place for 61-year-old Terry Olson a Washington County sex offender. Fink says the Town of Eldorado created an ordinance last December that prohibits sex offenders from other counties to be place in the Township. Fink says he informed the Sand Ridge Treatment Center that neighbors living on Nitschke Road don’t want a sex offender from out of county living near them. He says quite a few have children that live with them or grandchildren that frequently visit. Fink says the county shouldn’t have to accommodate placement of sex offenders from another county because that county has ordinances prohibiting placement. There is no hearing currently scheduled in Washington County court about Olson’s placement.