Oregon/Jackson St. Bridge In Oshkosh Closed To Motorists, Pedestrians

Motorists are using terms like “headache” and “inconvenient, while boaters are relieved.

Both groups are referring to the status of the Oregon/Jackson St. Bridge in Oshkosh.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says the bridge will likely remain closed to traffic for the rest of the summer.

The reason for the shut down is worn components, specifically gear teeth. What officials don’t know is what has caused the wear and tear.

The bridge, which was built in 1956, opens and closes about thirty times a day, and the gear teeth are key components for raising and lowering the bridge.

DOT officials say a gear box is being replaced, and say total repairs could cost up to $120,000.

Until the cause has been identified and repairs are made, motorists are advised to use alternate bridge routes including the Wisconsin Ave. and Main St. bridges.