Oshkosh Armed Robbery

Oshkosh Police say a 22-year-old Antigo woman was driven around the area for about 45 minutes late Thursday night and then robbed by the three occupants of the car. She was threatened with a weapon. The victim told police she was looking for a friend’s house when the car drove up and she was told she should get in and they would give her a ride. While she was being driven around she managed to call a friend from her cell phone to say she was in trouble. The occupants of the car then took the phone. She was eventually released near her car and her phone was returned. She told police the driver was a white man in his early 20’s with short spiked blond hair. He was taller than 6 feet and had a skull and bones tattoo on the web of his right hand. The male passenger was in his early 20’s with brown curly hair, brown eyes and a large nose. The female passenger had dirty blonde hair that was about 3 inches past her shoulders. The car was a dark purple or blue Neon. Anyone with information is urged to call Oshkosh Police at (920) 236-5700.