Oshkosh Bridge Will Remain Closed Longer Than Planned

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Structures announced an update to the repair schedule for the Oregon/Jackson Street bridge in the city of Oshkosh Thursday.

Repairs to the bridge were scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 26. but have been postponed due to material delays from the manufacture and the manufacture’s distributor.

The components to fix a failed gear box were schedule for delivery this week. The manufacturer now anticipates delivery of components by November 11.

The bridge is currently closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic after a bridge inspector discovered damaged gear teeth in the gearbox on the south leaf span during a routine inspection May 25, 2022. A subsequent investigation revealed additional damage in the gearbox that extended the manufacturing process to build the additional parts. The original 9-week repair schedule was then extended to 13 weeks in July following discovery of additional damage inside the gear box.

Bridge engineers reviewed the excessive wear on the gears and believe a corrupt bearing caused instability in the gearbox resulting in the gear wear.  WisDOT investigated gear components on similar bridges and found no issues with gear wear.