Oshkosh Man Accused Of Making Ricin Back In Court

The 21-year-old Oshkosh man suspected of making the toxic poison ricin was back in a federal courtroom in Green Bay Wednesday for a final pre-trial hearing. Kyle Smith’s lawyer argued that evidence used against his client shouldn’t be used because Police did not read him his Miranda rights before they arrested and questioned him. The judge said more evidence would have to be introduced to determine if what Smith told police can or can not be used during his trial. Smith’s trail is expected to start on March 16th. Last November during the execution of a search warrant at Smith’s home in the 800 block of Frederick Street authorities found a gram and a half of white powder. It tested positive for ricin, enough to kill 20 people. Two UW-Oshkosh professors tipped police off that Smith, a senior at the school, had been asking them about making toxins from plants. He could spend his life in prison if he’s convicted of the federal charges.