Oshkosh Man Convicted Of Racketeering In Sadoff Thefts

A 53-year-old Oshkosh man was found guilty of racketeering and felony theft charges in Fond du Lac County Court Thursday. Sterling Kienbaum pled no contest to two charges stemming from the theft of over $14 million from Sadoff Iron & Metal Company between 2009 and May of 2015. District Attorney Eric Toney says there were other charges against Kienbaum. Felony theft counts were dismissed and read in and one of the felony counts was amended to cover the entire time period for the thefts. According to the criminal complaint Kienbaum is the owner of Fox Valley Iron and Metal. He was loading scrap vehicles with dirt in order to increase the weight of scrap metal contained in the vehicles. He paid cash to Daniel Christianson to make the deliveries. Christianson would then pay Donald Krueger, who worked at Sadoff’s, to accept and process them.  Kienbaum will be sentenced on June 5th with a 3-day restitution hearing prior to that in May.  Toney is grateful for the work of Fond du Lac Police who investigated the thefts. He also says the victims have been incredibly patient throughout the entire process. Krueger and Christianson have been convicted of felony theft for a portion of their role in the theft. Krueger is back in court February 6th for a plea hearing and Christianson on January 30th for a status conference. Krueger no longer works at Sadoff’s and Christianson at Fox Valley Iron and Metal.