Oshkosh Stabbing Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder

Oshkosh Police have arrested a
19-year-old Oshkosh man suspected of stabbing two men in the abdomen during a
robbery attempt last October. Jake Sizemore was already being held in the
Winnebago County jail for two previous street robberies. The newest charges
include two counts of attempted 1st degree intentional homicide and one cout of
attempted robbery. DNA from blood evidence gathered at the scene of the robbery
in the 400 block of West Lincoln Avenue connected Sizemore to the crime. A
19-year-old Middleton man and 18-year-old Two Rivers man were stabbed while
trying to prevent Sizemore from taking the Middleton man’s phone. Both vicitms
were taken to local hospitals and have since recovered from their wounds. The
robbery attempt occured late the night of October 24th.