Oshkosh Woman Suspected Of Thefts At Thrivent Arrested

Oshkosh Police have arrested a 59-year-old Oshkosh woman suspected of misappropriation of funds and forgery while she worked at the Thrivent Financial Office in Oshkosh. Jean Walsh-Josephson was a personal financial advisor prior to her August 13th arrest. She has been charged for theft, forgery and obstruction. The state’s Department of Financial Institutions is assisting in the investigation into misappropriation of funds. Her registration as a personal financial advisor has been suspended. Thrivent Financial is in the process of reaching out to each client of the financial representative however, if clients with Thrivent Financial wish to review their portfolios, they should contact 920-628-3799 or 1-800 THRIVENT “say directory” and enter extension 6283799. Thrivent Financial clients may contact Detective April Hinke after they have obtained a review of their personal portfolio with Thrivent Financial and if discrepancies are noted. You can reach her at 920-236-5703 or [email protected]