Over $90 Million in Transportation Aid Paid to Local Governments Around the State

Governor Tony Evers announced this week that local governments around the state received quarterly transportation aid payments from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The funds totaled over $90 million and were designated as General Transportation Aids, Connecting Highway Aids and Expressway Policing Aids. General Transportation Aids help with the costs of constructing, maintaining and operating roads and streets. Connecting Highway Aid reimburse communities for maintenance and traffic control of certain state highways within those cities and towns. Governments will receive an estimated $473 million from the state transportation fund this year, and Governor Evers’ budget proposal includes a $60 million increase for the general transportation funds. Expressway Policing Aids are given to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office for patrol of expressways in Milwaukee. Payments to cities and towns are made quarterly, with payments to counties made in three installments.

In Fond du Lac County – the City of Fond du Lac received over $438-thousand in General Transportation Aid, and just over $36-thousand in Connecting Highway Aid. The City of Ripon received just over $96-thousand in General Transportation Aid and over $19-thousand in connecting highway aid. All other communities in the county received General Transportation Aid only. See the full breakdown of funding in the table below.


General Transportation

Connecting Highway Aid

Town of Alto



Town of Ashford



Town of Byron



Town of Calumet



Town of Eden



City of Ripon



Town of Eldorado



Town of Empire



Town of Fond du Lac



Town of Forest



Town of Friendship



Town of Lamartine



Town of Marshfield



Town of Metomen



Town of Oakfield



Town of Osceola



Town of Ripon



Town of Rosendale



Town of Springvale



Town of Taycheedah



Town of Waupun



Village of Brandon



Village of Campbellsport



Village of Eden



Village of Fairwater



Village of Mount Calvary



Village of North Fond du Lac



Village of Oakfield



Village of Rosendale



Village of Saint Cloud



City of Fond du Lac