Parents Encouraged to Talk with Kids About the Seriousness of Online Threats

Local members of law enforcement are asking parents to talk
with their kids about the seriousness of making threats on social media. The message
comes in the wake of threats being made recently involving students in Fond du Lac,
North Fond du Lac and Ripon – and officer-involved shootings in Oshkosh and


City of Fond du Lac Police Officer Erik Foster says making
any type of threat will be taken seriously, and the consequences of being convicted
of a felony for making terrorist threats will linger. “It makes traveling when
you’re older difficult, owning a firearm difficult, when you apply for jobs or for
college – you have to put down ‘I have been convicted of this crime’ – it affects
your future for a long, long time, if not forever,” Foster said.


Foster encourages any student who sees a threatening post on
social media, or hears of a possible threat another way, to tell a parent,
school staff or police so it can be addressed. Students are also asked to not
continue to share or forward a threatening post when they see one.