Patient Escapes County Health Care Center

Fond du Lac Police Tuesday morning captured a 17-year-old boy who escaped from the Fond du Lac County Health Care Center. The patient threw a chair through a set of glass doors and fled from the facility. Officers found him in the open area outside of Roberts School and took him into custody without incident. Assistant Police Chief Steve Thiry says the patient was not a threat to others. Thirty says none of his actions were a threat to the public he was just more or less fleeing from the facility. Thiry says someone in the public spread the rumor that there was an armed gunman inside the school, which simply wasn’t true. He says the patient wasn’t armed and he was never in the school. Thiry says they appreciate the Roberts School staff quick response in following safety protocols and initiating a lock down to keep students at the school safe. The incident happened shortly after 9:30 a.m.