Pay Attention to Other Drivers, Deer While Traveling this Weekend

As the gun-deer season continues and people hit the roads
for Thanksgiving travel, drivers in Wisconsin will have more than just other
vehicles to worry about on their way to grandmother’s house. Sergeant Jeff
Bonack from the Fond du Lac
Sheriff’s Office
says to keep your eyes open for deer while on the road this weekend. 

Bonack tells us “what you’re
going to see now is large groups of hunters doing deer drives, and they
typically do those in the middle of the day – they’ll stand hunt in the
morning, stand hunt at night, but then during the day they’ll drive deer. And
then you’ll really see a lot of deer during the day, running, because they’re
being pushed.”

He adds that there is usually a
point in the year where collisions with deer become all too common. And that tends to be around this time. 

Bonack says “we see a very
large peak, if you will, in car-deer accidents on particular days – like a
series of four days, they will spike incredibly high. We’ve seen more of a
drawn out, where it’s been more days and not as many – not a very enhanced peak
– but we have had a large number of car-deer accidents.”