Peace Walk In FDL Draws Over 500 Supporters

Young and old alike
converged at the corner of Johnson and Main Sunday afternoon, united in a common
goal of finding peace during a time of turmoil. The Peace Walk attracted over
500 people that made the trek from Johnson and Main,
west to the TJ MAXX parking lot. 

Event organizer Moe Craine said the walk was a way for people who are in pain, to have their voices heard. Craine says despite what has been going on across the country, he’s very proud of how the residents of Fond du Lac have made their voice heard, responsibly. Craine also said he’s proud of the relationship he’s had with the Fond du Lac Police Department, and that there’s a “good group” of officers making up the Police Department. 

Theodore Strong
also helped coordinate the walk, and said the walk had one main goal to
accomplish, and that was to “show people that there is a united front, between all races, police, everybody. We’re all together in this, this is our world, this is our city. We’re all in it together.” The Peace Walk was the second event to take place at the corner of Johnson and Main in Fond du Lac. A Silent Protest took place earlier in the afternoon, drawing approximately 200 participants.