Petri Honored By Healthcare Leadership Council

The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of leaders of the nation’s premier health care companies and organizations, on March 26, honored U.S. Representative Tom Petri as a “Champion of Healthcare Innovation” at an award ceremony in Washington, DC.


Representative Petri was honored at the Council’s annual Healthcare Innovations Expo on Capitol Hill. The day-long event is dedicated to showcasing new developments in health care technologies, treatments and practices.  This year’s event featured, among other exhibits, new transcatheter heart valve technologies, medication to treat hypertension in newborns and improved transmission and uses of healthcare data to improve patient care.


“Innovation is a necessity, not an option, in addressing the challenges facing our healthcare system.  To increase accessibility to high-quality care, improve patient outcomes and strengthen cost-efficiency requires constant improvement in the tools, technologies, medicines and approaches used to prevent and treat disease and elevate wellness,” said HLC president Mary R. Grealy.  “We applaud Representative Petri’s leadership, dedication and vision in advancing the quality and cost-effectiveness of American healthcare.”