Petri Hoping To Right Wrong In Fort Hood Attack

Wisconsin Congressman Tom Petri is joining over 100 other U-S House members in a push to have the tragic shootings at Fort Hood declared an act of terrorism. The federal lawmaker from Fond du Lac says it’s a terrible tragedy that still looms in the memory of many Americans. He says it came out very clearly at the trial that the perpetrator was engaging in a terrorism attack. He says the legislation is addressing a wrong he hopes will be considered in short order. The November 2009 attack claimed the lives of 13 people, including Sergeant Amy Krueger of Kiel and Captain Russel Seager of Mount Pleasant, as Nidal Hasan opened fire at the Texas military base. Thirty-two others were injured, including four people from Wisconsin. Hassan was convicted in August and sentenced to death. Despite the strong reaction to the attack, Petri says it’s still being classified as an incident of workplace violence. He says bureaucrats want to say they’ve done a good job and that there have been no acts of terrorism on their watch, but the evidence in the trial shows otherwise. A terrorism declaration would allow the victims to receive medals and qualify for additional benefits. Petri says it’s simply the right thing to do.