Phone Scam

The Fond du Lac Sheriff’s Office has recently taken several reports of telephone scams targeting elderly residents in Fond du Lac County.  In each call, the caller states that they are the grandson of the person answering the phone and informs them that are in serious trouble.  The “grandson” then put the arresting Officer on the phone.  The Officer tells the person answering the phone that they need to send a large amount of cash to an address in New Jersey to post out the “grandson.”  This is a common scam that returns year after year.  It is important to remember that no Law Enforcement agency will request that a bond be sent either by Western Union or UPS.  All bond postings have to take place in person at a Law Enforcement Agency.  Please inform any elderly family members or neighbors about this scam.  Stress to them they should not send any money without notifying a family member or neighbor first.  If you question the validity of a call, please contact the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office and we will send out a Deputy to speak with you.