Photo ID Needed For Voting Tuesday

You will need a driver’s license or photo ID if you plan to vote during tomorrow’s primary election. Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says it doesn’t matter if you have the wrong address listed on your driver’s license so long as the license itself hasn’t expired. She says, “When you present your picture ID they are just looking at your name, they are looking to make sure that your driver’s license hasn’t expired since the last general election and that you kind of look like it.” A small turnout is expected for the election, which features one statewide race. You probably won’t have to contend with a long line, but Freiberg urges voters to have their ID ready when the poll worker asks for it. She says, “I always ask to have your driver’s license out or your passport or whatever you are bringing. Please have all that ready don’t wait until you are standing in line.” The statewide race Tuesday is for the State Supreme Court. Last February there was a statewide race for State Schools Superintendent. Only nine percent of registered voters in the County turned out for that election.