Pioneering students raise money to support Ripon Medical Center newborns

Jackie Halverson (far right), Ripon Medical Center Associates, Inc. president, accepts a check for $91.26 to use for hospital volunteers to knit and sew items for newborns. Presenting the check were (left to right); Grace Tobin, Maddie Tobin and Ella Altnau. They also donated yarn and fabric to assist.

Random acts of kindness can turn up anywhere, and sometimes when you least likely expect it. But, they all have a common purpose: to help pass on goodwill and help others.

The same can be said for several Ripon girls who spent time this summer over two weekend days at different intersections in the downtown area at a lemonade stand.

Maddie Tobin, 7, Grace Tobin, 10, and Ella Altnau, 10, set up the lemonade stand to help raise money that Ripon Medical Center Associates, Inc. members could use to support a worthy cause at the hospital.

They were successful in their efforts, raising $91.26, which was presented to the Ripon Medical Center Associates, Inc. at their annual picnic. The money will be used to purchase yarn and supplies for items made by volunteers for the new infants due to arrive at Ripon Medical Center in the near future.

“We thank Maddie, Grace and Ella for their donation,” says Jackie Halverson, Ripon Medical Center Associates, Inc., president. “We recognize them for learning early in life the joy of sharing and giving back to the community in which they live.”

The girls’ parents are John and Rhonda Tobin, and Ronald and Kerry Altnau, all of Ripon.

Ripon Medical Center Associates, Inc. members serve as volunteers to the hospital and sponsor fund-raising events that support the programs of the hospital and scholarships to area students entering the medical field. New members are always welcome.

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Ripon Medical Center. To learn more, call Karen Gross, Volunteer Services coordinator, at (920) 748-0451.