Pizza Delivery Driver Alerts Police to Kidnapping

A pizza delivery driver in Sheboygan County is being credited with alerting police to a kidnapping incident. The Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office reports the driver dropped off pizza at a home in Waldo on Thursday – and spotted a woman inside the home with a black eye mouthing “help me” and “call the police”. 

The driver called police – and deputies showed up to arrest 55-year old Dean Hoffman of Grafton. Police say Hoffman had gone into the woman’s home earlier that day, punched her, tied her up with a power cord, and tried to force her to get back into a relationship with him. 

Hoffman is charged with Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Misdemeanor Battery, Strangulation and Suffocation, Felony Intimidation of a Victim, and Burglary.