Plane Violates Presidents Air Space

Two F-16 fighter jets circled the airport in Juneau Tuesday afternoon. They had escorted a small plane there that violated the president’s restricted airspace while Donald Trump was in the state for appearances in Waukesha and Milwaukee. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says he got curious after he heard a very loud jet engine rumble overhead. The Sheriff jokes that after seeing the two F-16s he didn’t think they were dog fighting over the City of Juneau. He went to the airport where he interviewed the pilot. He says the pilot was unaware he violated the air space restriction. The pilot told him he had taken off from Burlington and was just going for a flight with his wife. He was coming up to Dodge County and was going to turn around and go back when he was contacted by a military jet and was told to land at the Dodge County airport. Schmidt says he took the pilot’s information and passed it on to the FAA. He reminds pilots to check their flight plans.