Police Across WI Reminding Parents to Check Kids’ Candy After Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-Treating may be a few weeks away, but law enforcement
across Wisconsin are reminding parents to check on the candy their kids will be
getting this Halloween. The reminder comes after a number of reports over the
last few years of candy tainted by foreign objects that were discovered after
the candy had been brought home. Police received reports of needles in candy in
the Green Bay, La Crosse and Stevens Point areas within the last four years and
reports of nails in candy in Neenah and Wisconsin Rapids in recent years. Officers
say its because of incidents like those, that its important to check your child’s
treats before they at them. Police say properly checking candy means taking
time to feel the outer layer of each candy – and even smelling it to see if it
has a strange smell. Anyone caught tainting food could face felony charges for
placing foreign objects in edibles.