Police Officer’s Gun Accidently Discharges In Janesville Middle School

A school liaison officer’s gun accidentally discharged Monday, September 19, 2022, at Edison Middle School in Janesville, prompting an investigation for answers of how and why.

The School District of Janesville sent an email to families Monday afternoon concerning the incident.

According to the email from Superintendent Mark Holzman, a school liaison officer was removing their backpack when it contacted the butt of their service firearm, causing it to discharge on the floor of their office.

The officer’s gun was properly secured in the holster at the time of the incident.

Janesville Police Department supervisors arrived at the middle school to investigate the incident and concluded that there was no identifiable reason why the firearm discharged while it was secured in the officer’s holster.

Officials will be sending the firearm and holster to the firearm manufacturer for an in-depth examination.

The police department will also follow up with both the ammunition and holster manufacturers to identify potential defects that may have contributed to the discharge.

There were no injuries reported in the mishap.