Pop Up Crepe Café A Success

One of the organizers of The Pop-Up Crêpe Café says it was a successful inaugural event for the newly formed Pop-Up Fond du Lac. Jenna Floberg says over two days they sold 2,000 crepes, much more than they anticipated for a first time effort. She says they were hoping for about 200 people, but got much more than that. The event was held at the former Pockets bar in downtown Fond du Lac two weeks ago. She says for many people it was the first time they had been inside the former Pockets and hopefully it will spur interest in selling the building. Jars were set out where people could contribute ideas for future Pop-Up events and Floberg says they got some good ones. She says those ideas included a Bloody Mary bar, hamburger sliders, a taco bar, an outdoor movie, a smoothie bar and lots more. The eight-member Pop-Up Fond du Lac team has the support of Envision Fond du Lac.

Pictured the founding members of Pop-Up Fond du Lac; Katie Tanks, Jenna Floberg, Jenny Knuth, Shawn Fisher, Joe Truesdale, Steve Leaman, Sarah Genevieve Spang, and Gina Popp at Pockets. (Facebook photo).