Power Ball Winner Comes Forward In Beaver Dam

Fox Lake Mayor Tom Bednarek is dealing with the kind of government surplus we should all be fortunate to have. Bednarek came forward Friday in Beaver Dam as the winner of $1 million in Saturday, February 20th Power Ball jackpot. He says it was a quick pick, but the numbers included a daughter’s birthday and granddaughter’s birthday. He says he and his wife Kay have always said we don’t need to be the big winners, but sometime they would like to be million dollar winners and sometime what you ask for does come true. He plans to use some of the money to make the lives of his kids and grandkids easier, but says he does need a new truck. The one he drives now is 16 years old. He also plans to donate funds in the local community.

Pictured: Tom and Kay Bednarek with their winning check and Rechek Food Pride owners with the $20,000 check they get for selling the winning ticket.