Powerball Fever

Powerball players hoping for a little residual luck are flocking into Korneli’s Main Street Express on South Main Street in Fond du Lac. In 2006 when the Main Street store was Ma and Pa’s it sold a winning Powerball ticket worth $208 million that was shared by 100 Sargento Foods workers. The store has had other big winners over the years, but nothing to match the $700 million plus jackpot for tonight’s drawing. Store Manager Amy Karow says not everyone who has come in to buy tickets is an experienced player. They had a couple of people from up state Wisconsin come in to buy tickets with no idea how the game is played. Karow bought a few numbers herself and plans to go underground if she wins. She says she would hide because she would get a lot of new friends and family members she didn’t know she had before, but would help out as many people as she could. If you win and took the cash option for that $700 million rather than an annual annuity, it would amount to $443 million.