Precautions Will Protect Pets At Christmas

When it comes to pet safety during Christmas it starts with the tree and decorations. Dr. Marty Greer of Veterinary Village in Lomira decorates the bottom of the tree with bells and candy canes so she’s alerted when the pets begin playing around the tree. She says if they do happen to eat a candy cane it won’t do any harm. Tinsel on Christmas trees can damage a pet’s intestines if they swallow it and extension cords should also be protected from pets. You also have to careful with the foods you place out or wrap and put under the tree. Chocolates can be toxic for a dog and so can macadamia nuts, grapes, raisings and sugarless gums. Greer says you also have to be cautious with floral arrangements because mistletoe, holly berries and even types of lilies can be toxic to pets.