Preliminary Hearing For FDL Murder Suspect Delayed

A motion to dismiss a 1st degree intentional homicide charge against a 37-year-old Fond du Lac woman suspected in the shooting death of her husband was denied by a Fond du Lac County judge this afternoon. Judge Gary Sharpe denied the motion made by the public defender for Eve Nance. Mary Wolfe contended the criminal complaint didn’t conclusively prove how the shots that killed Timothy Nance came to be fired didn’t show intent or that Eve Nance was responsible for his death. The preliminary hearing proceeded, but was adjourned until Friday morning after Wolfe began to cross examine Associate Medical Examiner Kristinza Giese. Giese testified that Timothy Nance suffered two gunshot wounds to the head that killed him. Wolfe asked Giese if she reviewed any notes or materials for her testimony and Giese said she did. However Wolfe is allowed to see those and Giese didn’t have them with her. The judge adjourned the hearing so that Giese could collect those notes, photographs and other material for the remainder of the hearing. Fond du Lac Police Detective Bill Ledger also testified on the investigation into the shooting.