Prepare for Winter Weather Before it Hits

Winter weather is coming soon, whether we want to think
about it or not. Fond du Lac
Emergency Management
Director Bobbi Hicken says people need to take this Winter Awareness Week to
prepare for the colder air and slippery roads.

Hicken points out that “the most
amount of crashes are usually at our first couple of snow events, not even
storms or large accumulations. It is ironic, they always say people forget how
to drive, so this is a good week to remember to prepare for it and be ready to
drive in those winter conditions.”

Hicken tells people to plan
ahead and be prepared before the winter weather strikes, because 
“we live in
it’s inevitable, it is going to happen. So what people need to do is have their
emergency kits ready. It’s very similar to the emergency kits you’d have at
home during severe weather. Now the big difference is that in your vehicle,
you’re going to need to have some extra gloves, hats, some blankets.”

She adds that “you really have to plan ahead. You really have to be watching the forecast. And if it is being predicted that we are going to have a snow event, or worse yet an ice event, anticipate that you might have to change your plans. Maybe leave earlier or not go somewhere you were planning on going.”