Preparing for Potential Severe Weather

After a storm left several roads around Fond du Lac County underwater
Monday night – the concern for Flash Flooding is rolling over into this evening as well. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect through Wednesday morning. 

Emergency Management Director Bobbi Hicken tells us with storms like this, people really need to be paying attention because “With this kind of an atmosphere, it can pop up with little to no warning. So it’s very important for people to pay attention to what’s going on and have a plan and know what to do if it ends up being a tornado warning.”

Hicken adds that the county always has plans in place before a storm like this hits, saying “it’s an awareness. It’s ensuring that we have things in place so the
road crews can respond if needed, that we have alternative routes set up if
needed. Those are all things the Sheriff’s Office and Highway Department deal
with at all times for all kinds of situations.”

She also encourages residents to have plans in place for any kind of severe weather – especially when potential flooding and high winds are involved. 

When it comes to dealing with flooded areas, Hicken tells people to find an alternate route because “you don’t know what’s underneath that water, you can’t see the road.
There is a chance that road could be washed out. There’s a chance there’s
debris in there that you’re not able to see. It is not worth the potential
damage to your vehicle, but more importantly the potential risk to your life
and that’s just not worth it.”

 Dry weather is expected to return on Wednesday.