Presentation On History Of Mercury Marine Rates Standing Room Only Crowd

Retired Mercury Marine executive Jim Hubbard was pleasantly surprised with the crowd that turned out for his “75 Years of Mercury Marine” history program at the Fond du Lac Public Library on August 6. The McLane Meeting Room, at standing room only, was full of faces familiar to Hubbard, who moved to Indiana after retiring as vice president and chief of staff in 2008. Examining the legacies of the company’s presidents over the years, Hubbard walked the audience through the company’s achievements, with insights on how forces within and without helped to shape it into the international leader it is today. The presentation continued the library’s programming focus on local and state history. “It’s only natural that we acknowledge this important milestone in the history of Mercury Marine,” said library Director Jon Mark Bolthouse in his introduction.  “We couldn’t be happier to have Jim Hubbard tell its story.”

In the photo: Retired Mercury Marine executive Jim Hubbard’s presentation “75 Years of Mercury Marine” was met with a standing room only crowd at the Fond du Lac Public Library on August 6. Photo courtesy James Dean, Mercury Marine.