Primary Election Tomorrow

 The primary election is almost here. People around the
state – and Fond du Lac
– are set to cast
their ballots tomorrow! County
of Court Lisa
Freiberg tells us the ballots are a bit longer than usual – and that it’s
important to only vote in one party. Freiberg
also says the ballots are designed to help people figure out what to do…
 Freiberg says “although the ballot is complicated, at
the end of every party it will say STOP. There’s a little stop sign also so
that you can’t go past that into the next party.” 
The biggest elections in our area include the race for
sheriff, the Republican primary for US Senate, and the Democratic primary for
 Freiberg says for every party on the ballot, “you will have the governor, the lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, US Senate and all of our assembly seats.” Freiberg reminds voters that
it’s important to vote in just one party, otherwise the ballot will be

Find out what’s on your ballot or where you vote here