Princeton Woman Wins Samaritan Cash Raffle

The $100,000 grand prize in the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation Samaritan Cash Raffle goes to Becky Wagner of Princeton. Wagner has worked for Ripon Medical Center for the past five years. She tells us whenever I got hired here I started buying the three raffle tickets for $150 because it’s a good cause.”
She could not believe her luck, but also says “what I honestly believe is the other day – this kid came into the hospital where I work, and he wanted to talk to a police officer because he didn’t have any money, any gas in his car, and he was lost. And he was from Milwaukee. So the cops came and asked if he could stay there for a while and I said ‘yeah,’ but then after a half an hour I thought he’s going to be stuck here for two or three hours. So I gave him $20 and told him to go get some gas and go home. So I think then, well that’s my reward!”
Wagner says she isn’t quite sure what to do with the money yet – but adds that she hopes to spend it wisely and help others if she can.
All of the profits from the raffle go towards the Samaritan Health Clinic. With more than 4,400 tickets sold this year, Agnesian Healthcare Foundation President Holly Brenner says they can provide care for more than seven-hundred people in our community. 
Brenner explains that “we help people who are uninsured or under insured. Often times it’s people who are working a couple of jobs but aren’t insured as part of that. So these are hard-working people who are trying to make ends meet and we’re able to help them here.”
The raffle was established twenty-two years ago to help families in need, and this was the fifth year of the cash raffle.