Progress Continues on Security Checkpoint at City/County Government Center

Fond du Lac County residents will continue to see progress on
a new security checkpoint for the City/County Government Center as we head
further into the new year. County Executive Al Buechel tells us contractors are
currently working on building the new checkpoint. “What they’re doing is
building an alcove off of the main hallway once you get to the top of the stairs,
and that’s where the security officers will be standing with the equipment.”
Buechel said. He adds that the checkpoint will be just like going through
airport security – where a person will be asked to put their bag on the apron
while they walk through the metal detector separately. Buechel says “anything
that could be considered a problem” will be confiscated if a person tries to bring
it into the building. The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office recently hired
three new deputies to help staff the security checkpoint – with two deputies
expected to provide building security at all times. Buechel says with the time
it takes to train the new hires, the checkpoint should be fully operational by
sometime this spring.