Proposed County Budget Up $1.8 Million

The new 2022 proposed Fond du Lac County budget was presented this week, and is now in the hands of the County Board’s Finance Committee.

If approved, the budget would reflect a $1.8 million increase over the 2021 budget, and would be $49.4 million.

The budget submitted by County Executive Allen Buechel would include a 1% increase in wages for county workers. It would also include $3 million to replace the county’s financial software.

Also included in the 2022 budget would be the reconstruction of Pioneer Road and West Johnson St.

The county also had to decide how to best use the $20 million it received in American Rescue Act funds. The county has until the end of 2024 to exhaust the funding.

The Fond du Lac County board is set to approve the 2022 budget at its meeting next month.