Proposed Police And Fire Training Center Too Expensive

The Fond du Lac City Council this week reached a consensus that $5.2 million is too much money to spend for a police and fire training center. The Council was reviewing the 5-year Capital Improvements Plan and the center is planned for next year. Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says the proposed cost of the center is more than the City can afford. Both Police Chief Bill Lamb and Fire Chief Peter O’Leary made cases for the center. Chief Lamb says it would give them what they need for low-light shooting practice and Chief O’Leary says live fire training is vital. Lorrigan says it is recommended the City not exceed a debt limit of 60 percent and the $5.2 million training center would put them above that. She says the Council is hoping City staff can come up with a compromise within the year because they want to give police and fire all the tools they need to do their job safely. Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue photo.