Protesters Gather to ‘Liberate Wisconsin’

Protesters gathered in Brookfield Saturday to speak out against local “stay at home” orders, in hopes of pushing Governor Evers into relaxing the social distancing orders which, as of late, have become increasingly political. The ‘Safer at Home’ order by Gov. Tony Evers was set to expire on April 24, but Evers extended the order on Thursday until May 26.

The “Liberate Wisconsin” protest took place Saturday morning, with several people holding signs calling on Evers to “re-open the economy.” Protests similar in nature have also taken place in Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio, with numerous others scheduled in the next week. 

And while the feeling has been it’s time to open up for business, it’s unlikely we will see any relaxing of the order, at least in Wisconsin, anytime soon, even as the states that surround Wisconsin look to “open up for business” in the next few weeks.