Public Asked To Offer Input On Body-Worn Camera Program In FDL

The Fond du Lac Police Department (FDLPD) looks to launch a body-worn camera program during the first quarter of 2022. As part of this program, the FDLPD is establishing a Department policy for the use and operation of police body-worn cameras.

The policy will address best practices, when an Officer should activate or deactivate a camera, how an Officer should notify the public about recording, what types of privacy protections should be put in place, and more.

In a press release issued Monday (2/14/2022) FDLPD said they are looking for the community’s input regarding police body-worn cameras. “We want to ensure that our body-worn camera program aligns with our community’s expectations,” said Chief Aaron Goldstein.

The draft policy (423 – Body Worn Cameras and Audio Recorders) has been posted on the department’s website ( under the Accreditation tab for the community to review.

The Department will host a series of community-wide listening sessions aimed at gathering feedback on the draft policy. If you are interested in speaking you can sign-up at the entrance of the City Council Chambers when you arrive.

There will be a table and a member of the FDLPD to assist you. You will have two (2) minutes to provide your input to the panel. This is not a town hall meeting style event. This is a listening session for FDLPD to hear from you.

If you are not interested in speaking there is no need to sign-in at the in-person participation events.

The dates for the sessions are:

February 21, 2022 4PM – 5:30PM City Council Chambers 160 S. Macy St.
February 25, 2022 8:30AM – 10AM City Council Chambers 160 S. Macy

A draft of the Body Worn Camera Policy Manual is also found here: