Public Gets Chance To Give Input On Lighthouse Drive Reconstruction

The public will have a chance to weigh in today (5/23/2022) regarding the latest plans involving the Lighthouse Drive Reconstruction Project at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac.

The Advisory Park Board will meet Monday afternoon, and included on the agenda will be the latest revisions to the project, presented by Paul DeVries, Director of Public Works for the City of Fond du Lac. In a memo sent to Board members late last week, DeVries gave details on the two options he will present Monday, and include:

Option #1

 Based on the original concept from April.

 Angle parking by marina has not changed.

 An 18 foot drive lane (previous was 20 feet) was used to reduce impact to green space and maybe increase the parking stall count, which it did not help.

 Addition of 2 parallel stalls near the lighthouse and added an ADA ramp to the path. This parking could be a little tricky but we think drivers can manage making the maneuvers needed.

 We added additional curbing and green space as traffic makes the turn towards the lakefront. There is not room for parking here and the green space could be used for a picnic table/benches.

 Added two ADA stalls and a route to the path was included. In this area, there wasn’t room for a “compact” type stall.

 Added eight parallel stalls alongside the drive lane heading back to Park Avenue/Promen Drive. While these are not facing the lake, users of the trail could park here and walk to the trail.

 Parking stall totals at the lakefront is 21 including two ADA stalls. Adding the 8 parallel stalls and 2 stalls by the lighthouse creates a total of 31 stalls. The existing stall count facing the lake is 35.

 Pros: Pedestrian and bicycle safety; ADA access around lighthouse point  Cons: Reduction in parking stalls facing the lake – 14 lost direct but net of 4 lost if you include the 10 parallel stalls.

Option #2

 Same as Option #1 for angle parking, 18 foot drive lane, 2 stalls by the lighthouse, and green space.

 Difference is extending parking lot to the west of the current lot. Tree removal will be required with this option as shown on plan and additional trees may also need to be removed depending on final design and street elevations

 Parking stall totals at the lakefront is 30 including two ADA stalls.

 Pros: Pedestrian and bicycle safety; ADA access around lighthouse point; preserves 9 more lakefront facing stalls.

 Cons: Tree removals; reduced greenspace along the lakefront.

Preliminary cost estimates have been prepared and both options are within a few percentages of each other.

The Advisory Park Board is set to meet at 5:30 p.m.

You can access the agenda for the meeting here: