Public Invited to Community Night Featuring “Save the Kids” Presentation

The Fond du Lac School District and Agnesian Health Care
are inviting the public to a special community night this Wednesday that will
be focused on social media use. Guest speaker Collin Kartchner will be giving a
presentation called “Save the Kids” Wednesday night, which focuses on social
media and how it can influence a teenager’s mental health. Tara Dusenberry is a
teacher at Theisen Middle School, and is the driving force behind bringing
Kartchner to speak in Fond du Lac. She tells us she heard Kartchner speak over
the summer – and believes it’s important for the community to hear this
presentation. “Social media and screen time and kids on their phones – it seems
to be the biggest contention in families – and we see a lot of effects on kids
with their emotional and mental health in the schools,” Dusenberry said. “I
just felt really passionate about helping our kids and families in this area
and bringing him here.”

Among the topics Kartchner will cover include the effects
of social media and screen time, responsible and safe social media skills, and
how parents and teens can work together to empower their relationships. The
event is free to attend, and begins at 6:30 pm Wednesday at the Goodrich Little
Theater in Fond du Lac.

Learn more about Kartchner and his message here