Public Reminded to Stay Away from Former Convent Property in FDL while Debate about its Future Continues

As the debate continues over the future of the former
Convent of the Holy Nativity in Fond du Lac, officials with Fond du Lac Fire and
Rescue want to make sure the public is aware that trespassing is not allowed on
the property.

Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase says damage
from the 2015 fire in the convent has made the building very unsafe. “People
don’t realize the danger it is,” Haase said. “Inside that building, of course
we’ve had one fire already – you have one whole stairwell that’s burned out, there
are many rooms that are burned, holes in the floor and the floor is basically
heaved up where it has water inside – it’s just not a safe place.”

Haase says that while the building is boarded up and
sealed off to prevent people gaining access, the concern is that someone could
get inside, and the Fire Department will be called in to rescue them. He tells
us that unless they can confirm someone is in the building, firefighters and
police officers will not enter the building because of how dangerous it is. He
says the best advice is to avoid the building altogether.