Public Safety Referendum Gets Support From Envision Board

Envision Greater Fond du Lac’s Board of Directors passed a Resolution on March 4, 2021, pledging support for the upcoming public safety referendum which will be presented to City residents on the April 6 ballot. 

A press release issued Tuesday states the following:

“The Resolution acknowledges the insufficient funding currently allocated to the public safety services sector. With the increase in calls for ambulance service, firefighting, and law enforcement, it is imperative this referendum passes to ensure public safety agencies are properly equipped to address the needs of the community.

“The Board of Directors at Envision Greater Fond du Lac pledge to support this referendum,” Sadie Parafiniuk, President/CEO, said. “Our public safety personnel are over taxed and under staffed and have been for years. Passing this referendum will provide the necessary assets to better protect the citizens and businesses of this city.”

This Resolution also states Envision Greater Fond du Lac’s awareness of the current underfunding; this referendum will allow the City of Fond du Lac to continue to offer first-class fire, paramedic, and police services. Additionally, passing this referendum will, in part, help build a safer community which impacts crime and safety, workforce, and the use of tax dollars.”

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